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2017-07-12 11:52 am
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 Eliot settled comfortably on the lounge, took a leisurely drink from his ice tea. He wouldn't argue with James, knew when to pick his battles. Part of what he had said caught his attention though. "How exactly is bit drugging myself harmful? Not like they are antibiotics. Those I take with no fuss, he pointed out.

He smiled as the rest of his family was mentioned. "I'm kinda glad too. I like havin' 'me around. Plus, it's good to get Mark out in the world a little. He needs more exposure than that backwards little town."

His face undeniably softened at the mention of his mate. "He's skin' fine. I miss him something' fierce though, got so used to him bein' close."

He hesitated a moment, looked to his dad. "How's Maureen been? You haven't mentioned her much."